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And we started RPing out a typical all boy's boarding school scenario *cough*GakuenHeaven*cough*. It was pretty cracky. We never really finished. We might do another one, not sure. but here's what we came up with. Feel free to leave comments. Warning! Might contain some...sketchy stuff! If you don't like boyxboy, then don't read.

Red = me as leading uke "Tsumi"

blue = my friend as leading seme  "Tomo"

lovely fuschia = my sister as exchange student from France love rival "Jean-Pierre"

Warning!Is really cracky! (Cuz my sister isn't a yaoi fan in the first place...)Collapse )



Sorry, I haven't been on for a long time. ;A; I made an RP journal and was too lazy to log out of it.


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How many have your name?




Fill in the numbers with any character, it can be real, fake, or even a KHR character.


(Warning, some questions may include yaoi themes)


now answer these questions

What would happen if...

1 saw Tsuna in his dying will mode?

2 ate Bianchi's cooking?

3 was hit on by Shamal?

4 did something that pissed hibari off, so Hibari went up to him/her and said "I'll bite you to death"?

5 found out that 6 was possessed by Mukuro?

7 and 8 found out they both were in love with Adult Lambo?

9 walked in while Tsuna was undressing?

10 challenged Xanxus to a children's card game?

Lussuria dragged 4 to a room and started hitting on him/her?

If 2 walked in and saw Lussuria hitting on 4?

3 was (for some strange reason) holding a bunch of pies and slipped and all fell on 1, 8, and Belphegor?

7 told his deepest secret to 10 and Marmon heard it?

If Mukuro suddenly confessed his love for 2?

if 3 and 6 went out on a date?

if somehow Ryohei defeated 8?

if Ryohei forced 5 to join his boxing club

if Lal Mirch beat up 9 to a bloody pulp?

if 9 confessed his/her love to Byakuran?

if 8 fell in love with Glo?

if Glo threatened to tentacle!rape 3?

if somehow 3 tentacle!raped Glo?

if Gamma walked into his room to find out 2 and 6 raiding his panty drawers?

if Tsuna walked into his room to see 2, 6, and Gamma raiding through HIS panty drawers


what would he/she do?

What would 6 do if 9 and Squalo got married?

What would Squalo do if him and 1 were on a walk and 1 tripped?

What would 7 do to Tsuna?

How would 9 greet 8?

is 6 afraid of 7?

is Levi afraid of 7?

is 7 afraid of Levi?

What would Tsuna do if 3 asked him out?

What would Shouichi do if 5 randomly ran up to him and stole his pants?

What if 9 accudentally kicked 3 in the butt?

Who would Mukuro most likely possess? 7, 8, or 9?

What if Gokudera thought 2 was a threat and threw bombs at him?

what if 3 tripped and fell on 10?

if 10 was suddenly forced to marry Lussuria?

what if 10 walked in on Yamamoto and Gokudera making out on Tsuna's bed?

What if 10 told Tsuna?

What would happen if 11 did the can-can in front of Xanxus?

What woudl you do if you just now realized that there wasn't any 11?

How would 3 ask 7 out?

what would 5 do?

What if 1 took Ken on a walk?

What if 2 broke Hibari's nose on accident?

What if 3 and Mukuro formed a secret group called "Lets mindraep people!"?

What if 4 saw Chrome blow up spontaneously?

What if 5 and 6 kidnapped Tsuna?

If your best friend told you about his/her sudden love for 3?

If your best friend was Squalo?

2 and Bel are fighting. Why?

10 made cake "especially for Xanxus". Why?

2 and 4 are blushing while reading a book. What is that book?

What if 1 made a XanxusSqualo doujinshi and Squalo found out?

What if 3 and 5 both liked Spanner?

Well not older, we're twins. But she's the older one. I love her and all, but sometimes she's such a BRAT. and I don't mean those snobby teenager ones, but I mean the actualy 7 yr old that throws a tantrum when things don't go your way. Well she didn't throw a tantrum, but she was still annoying as hell.

you see, we take turns on the computer everyday after school. but there's this bad habit that goes with it. Everytime she's on the computer, but there's something that needs to be quickly done on the computer (she always gets on first) I ask her if she can do it. (the important thing usually lasts like, 30 seconds, like sending a picture to someone as son as possible, or whatever) she just snaps and shouts "NO do it when it's your turn!" as if she'll DIE if she does it for me. Whereas when she asks me to do it, her stuff isn't as important, yet I do. I only sometimes kinda complain, but I still do it.

but then I get on the computer today, and my sister comes down to say hi (she just came back from somewhere) but then asks me if she can watch the video she uploaded (some DBSK shit, she took the video "balloons" and made the voices higher and more "kawaii" ugh -_-;; ). Even though this wasn't as important, I wasn't going to be a bitch like her, so I said "fine" and got off so she can watch it while I fed LIVE MICE to my python :3. But the only reason she wanted to see it was to "check" if it uploaded correctly. Anyways I came downstairs back to get her off. She got off peacefully, but wanted to finish the video. I told her it wasn't that important and told her that I wanted to show her a cute Arashi video, and while I said it, I clicked on another link. she turned around and walked away, but I wanted her to see the video so I shouted "fine we'll finish it..." and as she walked around back in a snobby fashion, as if it was expected of me to let her majesty finish her video (which wasn't even hers that she made herself, but acted like she did make it herself), I shouted "stop being so selfish all the time!" and then she shouted. "Fine! I'm not watching your crappy video and stormed off in that bratty walk of hers, the ones that those ghetto skanks have when they're dumped by their boyfriend (the kind with the big butt swaying fomr side to side I dunno). But I decided it's not worth it to call her back, so I watched the cute Arashi video myself. :3 And as a plus, I deleted her video. XD

KIDDING. no I didn't delete it. I'm not a childish brat like her. I'll never stoop down to her level.

and I feel much better after writing this.

And here is the cute Arashi video I wanted to show her

Ugh, random friend adders >>;

Is there some kind of most firends on LJ/myspace/facebook/youtube contest? IF so, I don't wanna be in it.

I get like 3 add requests from random people a day in all my accounts of websites that have friends lists.

A friend is someone who likes you for who you are, who is there for you when you have problems, someone who bears with your awful jokes and random bursts of randomness. *cough*Sammethy*cough*


So explain to me this random add friend thing that people do. I mean, here I am, a nerd who like seeing Tsune get molested by every known anime pedophiles, all the while watching Hiruma do even worser things to Sena, while eating sushi and pocky and cosplaying in kimonos, then some random ghetto guy who hates Japan, and likes ***king randoms chicks and pooping marshmellow sunshine, or a preppy/emo chick who talks bad crap about herself and likes INUYASHA or FUSHIYUGIH and HET pairings or Hiruma/Mamori whatever, sends me an add request. ok PLEASE EXPLAIN. 

For those of you who see something in common between us and add me, I don't mind you guys. I'm sorry if I hurt you. But even if you see something in common between us, if I don't, I'm not adding you. Sorry.

Because really, why should you be friends with someone completly opposite of you? The only thing we can say to each other is "hey how ya doing?" and thats it! What else can we talk about it?

And those of you who add random people to your list just so you can be popular even though you don't have any clue who they are, you guys have no life. seriously. This goes for Myspace and Facebook ESPECIALLY.

And even things in common have to be specific. You can't just look up anime fans and say "oh hey, this person likes anime. i'm gonna add her!" No. Anime is too broad a topic. It depends on what KIND of anime. I'm a yaoi geek who likes Katekyo hitman Reborn and Eyeshield 21. IF you're a person who is all into KAWAII HET PAIRINGS  and mary sue anime like LOLFRUITSBASKET  or F.U.shigi Yuugi or those so totally unreal "apparently canon* het pairings like Hiruma/Mamori, Sena/Suzuna, Sasuke/Sakura *shivers* and TsunaKyoko....wait.... TsunaKyoko is kinda canon, but I don't like it anyway. >>; BUT MUKUCHROME TOTALLY ISN'T!! I just HATE those two together, so if you add me, and MukuChrome is your OTP FTW, don't expect me to add you back. Yes I can be shallow like that. Here are my friends:

Eby (Chibimars5)- I met her at the bookstore. we both like yaoi. She used to like fandoms, but then switched to LOLoriginal and she like Nahno Bohra (or something like that) the most. she's still cool, and I got her into Reborn and Neuro. SWEET.

Attitudinize (Sammethy, Phantasmical, Kurinoki, Gokudera, GOKKUN, SOMEONE WHO SO EASY, Yamahomo's waifu, LOLethy, RAINBOWPONYMAN

ok I could finish this list, but I wont. Half of this doesn't make sense)

UM SHE IS LIKE TEH BEST. Her fluff level is EVEN LOWER than mine, but she apparently has a really high tolerance of me and no matter how annoying I get she still likes me. We both like 5927 and 8027 and think that  GOKUDERA SO EASY and yeah

And she got me a Mukuro!Keychain and she's writing me a MochidaTsuna fanfic, so I have to praise her the most to stroke her (non-existant?) ego.

Dyaoka - ok, we are kinda sorta opposite. I like fluff and happiness and she lieks noncon. But she makes awesome fics and she's a 6927 fangirl, so she's awesome enough for me.


Quest of dreams. OLDEST 6927 FANGIRL I KNOW. I'm not telling you her age, but if you didn't know her age, you'de think she was a high schooler because SHE'S JUST THAT AWESOME.

Annethy - you rock. I dont' see you much because Sammethy never tells me your email and plus the MSN RP died so I can't talk to oyu there either. But we both love GAMMAFACE :3? and we both love the crack that KHR fandom has to offer. Although she's more of sammethy's friend than my friend, I still consider her a friend.

Nanakibh (Did I spell it right?) - I only added her recently.  Because both her and I see LussuriaRyohei for the genius of a pairing it really is. Now all I need is to find someone who likes MukuGlo like I do...

Agapetus (I srsly think this name sounds liek a vegetable) - um....I never added you.... ummm...

Well you're awesome and stuffs. you like Mukuro and don't like angst, so thats one thing :3. And you make an awesome....XANXUS'S WAIFU (Idk >>))

Lolipirate - um....I don't have you either. .__. Actually i'm not sure what we have in common  (EXCEPT FOR RANDOM) But part of my being a well hated being on the Katekyo hitman Reborn fandom was because of things I did to you (along with bad fanfiction). We had some fights, and said some hurtful things, but now we act like this never happened, and I'm just thankful for that. I thought she'd never forgive me. I'm weak when it comes to people who hate me, but used to like me. I can never get over that feeling...

...EXCEPT FOR LINEAR_FLOWER. Yeah I got pretty over her easily.  At first I was bummed when I found out she secretly hated me as well, and made nasty anon comments about me in anon threads. But being the idiot that she was, she forgot to anon herself and thats how I found out. But I got over her because I realized that she was one of those LOLNOOB!anoners who I wasn't suposed to be friends with in the first place.

OH um...Lolipirate is also the LOL!anon type, but she's one of those rare, nice kinds ^_^.

and I think thats it. If I missed anyone, i'm sorry! Just tell me your name in a comment and I'll say something nice about you :3

So yeah peoples. Know who I am before you add me. thank you.


guh, today was the best day ever, and it got ruined at the time and place i thought would be the best time of day today. IRONY, NE?

Well here was the good  day. In English class we watched a movie. Meh, better than doing schoolwork.

In resource class, we studied for our final in english which had mostly romeo and Juliet questions in it. Me, my idiotic student teacher, and my friend Cain, and my friend Jenn, all studies by acting out act 5. The whoel thing was hilarious, and it just put me in a good mood.


I thought the only thing that could end this day perfectly, was the ANIME PARTY that I was going to. It was a mess. The president was being a bitch, a person won the cosplay contest even though she barely did anything on her costume (literally just put a shirt on to make her look like L Ryuuzaki), while my sister worked SO HARD on her costume.

Everytime i tried saying something, I was always interuppted, even though no one else was. and if not interupted, then it's just "you have 3 seconds to sit down and shut up 

Other things happened that I shouldn't mention. Anyway the whole thing ended up me leaving in tears. Not even my sister figured out. And when she realized i was ignoring her, she had no idea i was mad, she just thought I couldn't hear anything due to wearing headphones and listening to drama CDs of two guys banging each other.

They day ended up shitty. It was very ironic.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I feel so shitty, I'm willing to talk to people. Life can be a bitch sometimes...


I need you at GAIA!



The RP is continuing. But Mukuro might lose interest, so incase the MukuTsuna thing doesn't work, we're using XanTsu for backup.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! rules!

Lately I've been getting into KHR too much.

Here is a video I made! It's a yaoi slideshow!

Here is the same video but with translliterated romaji lyrics I made my self so you can sing along to the yaoi/yuri related song!

here it is with the song in karaoke version so you can sing by yourself!

Don't you just love Lussuria?